This morning ton of new 40k supplements were released to digital tablets this morning. These are collections from other books. That means you can buy the material for your specifically, like Cadia, Flesh Tearers, Raven Guard, and White Scars without having to buy the campaign supplements.

Also GW Digital went a step further. They took other collections of books, and put them together. This includes the Sister's of Battle in the Guardians of the Imperium Collection. Of course all the material is from other books, but it puts them all into one place.

For example, the Adeptus Mechanicus Collection puts Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, and Imperial Knights into a single book.

This was an interesting surprise to start the year off!!!!

Games Workshop Digital

Cadia: A Codex Astra Militarum Supplement $ 23.99
Flesh Tearers: A Codex Blood Angels Supplement  $ 17.99
Raven Guard: A Codex Space Marines Supplement $ 17.99
White Scars: A Codex Space Marines Supplement $ 17.99

The Adeptus Mechanicus Collection $ 64.99
The Blood Angels Collection $ 69.99
The Dark Angels Collection $ 49.99
The Eldar Collection $ 109.99
The Guardians of the Imperium Collection $ 79.99
The Lost and Damned Collection $ 89.99
The Orks Collection $ 84.99
The Space Marines Collection $ 154.99
The Space Wolves Collection $ 79.99
The Tau Empire Collection $ 144.99
The Tyranid Collection $ 94.99

Warhammer 40,000 Expansions: The Collection $ 69.99

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