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Heres some background on the project:

This Eldar Exodites army is an old commission project for one of my 
friends. I was asked to prepare an Avatar, Vehicles, Jetbikes and 
Wraithguards for the army themed as the 'Uprising of the Woods'. Imagine 
this: Antient jungle on a forgotten world in Warhammer 40,000 universum. 
Eldar Exodites coexist with primeval spirits maintaining peace in the 
domain. One day Imperium of man arrives and starts to exploit natural 
resources. Both Eldar and spirits become angered by the foolish 
"mon'keigh" and so they take up arms. This army consists of some savage 
Eldar warriors along with old Eldar tech and industrial human technology 
- both being possessed by the angered spirits of the woods.

This army is old still it was awarded with 'The best hobbyist' on a 
Polish Warhammer 40,000 "Fire Frenzy" tournament this year! As a 
co-author i was both delighted with this news and eager to share it with 
you. Stay tuned as new miniatures for the Eldar Exodites are inbound!

Best regards,
Nazroth, Scar_hand Painting

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