There is a set of rules going out to a few people later today for Genesys. While the races and army creation rules are not included in this set, the rules to play the game are. What I am looking for is a couple more players to read and test the rules. While we can test the game in house here until we are blue in the face, holes will still appear, and we are looking to plug them up, and of course clean up any writing that is vague.

Last week we had a couple playtesting games in house. Both games were at different levels, the first at 125pts (skirmish level), and the second at 500pts. Both games were incredibly close, and the gameplay worked out well, especially with one of the testers being new to the game. So these are the point levels of gameplay that I am testing atm.

At 125pts the games were 5-10 models on each side, and the game lasting less than an hour. Games this size focus on standard troop unit classes. Squads are single models only, and are meant for fast games, to learn how to play, etc.

At 500pts, the game was larger with up to 20 or so models on each side, including squads, elite forces, and leaders joining in on the fight. This size of game has been lasting about an hour and a half.

Each level of game, be it 125, 250, 500, or 1000+pts introduces and focuses on a level of unit classes. Obviously there are 4. Standard Troops, Elite Forces, Leaders, and Unique. The idea behind this is that you can really spend the time to customize and personalize your models, so that individual models are not just made to be a part of a larger squad, but have their own level of game. For example; at 250pts, your elite forces are fielded as single models, and are in charge of any small standard troops squads that are fielded. They can join up with other squads like normal to form groups, but because they are the top tier models on the table, they really get their day in the sun.

So if you are interested in doing a little playtesting, shoot me an email at I may not be able to get rules out to everyone interested, depending on the response. Please only respond if you have a little time over the next week or so.

The rules will include two basic army lists ready to and test the two point levels. A video is also being wrapped up to aid in gameplay and should be ready this weekend (possibly sooner) for readers testing.

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