Parts of the world already have their pre-orders up now for the latest Warhammer 40k release, the Tau KV 128 Stormsurge. I have to say that I like the graphic presentation they have done on their front page.. check it out.

Also up for pre-orders are several bundles for Tau.

New from Games Workshop
KV128 Stormsurge
Mobile Assault Force Stormsurge
Firebase Support Cadre
Armoured Interdiction Cadre

This week's White Dwarf
Here’s what else you'll find in issue 88:

•Find out all about the KV128 Stormsurge ballistic suit, the newest weapon in the Tau arsenal.
•Pulse driver cannon or pulse blastcannon? Oh, the choices…
•Building a better future. We provide some helpful tips on how to build the Stormsurge in Sprues and Glue.
•Then we show you how to paint it in Paint Splatter.
•Followed by a datasheet containing all its rules.
•Golden Demon: Tanks. We interview the winner, Richard Gray, and show off his winning entry.
•Battleground: Doom of Perdita. It's a space hulk full of Tyranids modelled and painted by Paul Gayner.
•Armies on Parade: Week 10. Yes, we're still going with this issue! This week we look at Putrid Blightkings and Vostroyan Firstborn.
•And plenty more besides, including a manticore (with wings, not missiles), a massive crossbow, a royal barge and a question about Eldar theology. Phew!

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