The October releases for Dark Age are out now even though I just started putting together last months releases. There are some super nice models here, and I thought I would lay them out for readers interested in taking a closer look at the models behind Dark Age.

Remember that these are September releases, you can find the October releases at this link

While I am still assembling these models, here are some of my early observations (more later of course)
The resculpts for the Forsaken models are all metal, while the two larger new ones are resin.

First off, the bases that come with these models are the deep bases, made so that you can just add your inserts into them. I like this a lot, as it makes customizing your bases super easy, and fun. However, I am placing my order to get some, since I did not have any at the time I received the models.

Forsaken: I love the resculpts on these, and putting the models together you appreciate just how much movement is contained in the poses for the models. Even the more stationary poses, literally feel like they are ready to jump into action. I have to say, that the new sculpts are far and beyond the old ones, and if you were waiting to start a Forsaken army, now is the time to get one.

The new CORE model, the Tsuedo, was by far the most difficult to put together. A lot of it has to do with my own deficiencies as a modeler, but a lot people tend to fall into my category. The problem I had was getting the model into a pose that looked like it was walking forward, figuring out which legs should go where and exactly how to attach them.

Otherwise, the Tsuedo model is a lot of fun, once you get the first two legs attached. After getting this first CORE model together, I am thinking that I will need to pick up a few more of this faction. Perhaps a starter set to go with the bases I need to order. The Tsuedo is a very creative model.

The Coatlai resin model for the Kukulkani an excellent model. The snake has kind of a Monster Lionfish head (can you tell I am a reefer-salt water tank). The model  assembly was very intuitive, and the coil for the main body was solid.

I am not quite done assembling them, so more pics coming as I get them done. It's not often I am excited to sit down and paint, but I have these on my table now, and am looking forward to having the time to paint them.

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