With new releases on the horizon and a new game that we are all just dying for..... Hawk Wargames has been in the news a lot lately. Now that GenCon is done and over... as the dust settles we can take a look at what was revealed there. DzC Commenter was there in person, and has a full report for us.

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Most of the Dropzone Commenter team had the good fortune to attend the show and talk with Dave, Simon, and Louis about the future of Hawk Wargames, the new units for Dropzone Commander, and even get the first official demo of Dropfleet Commander ever (more on this last one in another article…soon)! We’ve been talking about this over on our Facebook page since the show, but now that I’ve had a few days to recover from a mad Best Four Days in Gaming, I wanted to share a bit about what I heard, observations about some upcoming trends, and some speculations about the future of DZC, starting with the poor bloody infantry.

I learned about the future of Dropzone Commander at Gen Con – there was a discussion about a Scourge gunship that deposits Razorworms in structures via building-smashing pods; a generic version of General Wade’s massive Broadsword tank; and so on. But let’s leave those for another time, and talk about what we learned.

Looking at Troops in a New Light
After talking with Dave about all the new troops coming to DZC, I realized that the newest infantry units seem designed to challenge the most basic notions we’ve had about infantry from day one – namely, that they’re only there to find and fight for objectives and intel. Some lessons I learned:

Infantry Need Options, Too
Infantry Should Be Credible Battlefield Threats:
Infantry Belong All Over the Battlefield: 
Infantry Should Not Be One-Trick Ponies

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