Its a huge Chaos Fortress, alongside a very cool set of Blood Warriors. Don't miss the Games Workshop videos below, to take a much closer look at these releases that are up for pre-orders now. I really see these Blood Warriors running around with Bolters and Chainswords..........

The Chaos Dreadhold scenery range is comprised of four kits: Skull Keep, Overlord Bastion, Malefic Gate and Fortress Walls, all of which are available to pre-order now. The warscrolls for these scenery pieces can be found in the kits and in Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold, a hardback book all about these terrifying structures. 

You’ll already have seen five Blood Warriors in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Set, but this boxed set of ten models is a multi-part plastic kit, enabling you to build even more of these ferocious killers with a variety of weapons, poses and options. 

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