Alright... Total War Warhammer is a fantastic idea, and I will get it. However, there is simply one game that if ever done I am not sure my marriage, job, or anything else would survive... Total War 40k. Until Fantasy got the go ahead and has been being worked on, there was not really ever the chance for me to say that I thought such a 40k game was possible, yet..... now there is. Here is Andy Hall (CEO of Creative Assembly) talking about why Fantasy, and not the Age of Sigmar. Lets Check this out, and hope that 40k is on their minds.

Thank you to the readers that sent in this link this morning.

First off here are the most important sections of this, and here is a link for the entire article that was on PCGamesN.

"The way I see it is, we've always been a historical war-game maker [laughs] and that's exactly what we're doing, it's just this one's based in fantasy. Our game's very much based in the age of Karl Franz, which is 2502 [when] he became the emperor. That's pretty much where we're staying. 8th edition, so to speak."

So definitely still a classic-Warhammer game, then. However, Andy didn't totally close the door on expanding, "Saying that, Age of Sigmar looks great, I've got a copy of it already and the minatures are fantastic. So I'm sure we'll be keeping an eye on that in the future."

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