Up today from Forgeworld is a an excellent set of pintle mounted weapons for your tanks. While I generally have enough storm bolters, items like heavy flamers and melta weapons are sometimes harder to make sure I have enough of. Not to mention that a little work, and you can have extras of these weapons for other models. Great release in my book. Also up are the Space Marine Rapier Quad Mortars for both standard games of 40k and the Horus Heresy, with rules.

Here is where you want to go for more pics and ordering.

Space Marine Rapier Quad Mortar £30.00
The Space Marine Rapier Quad Mortar can be taken as part of a Legiones Astartes army in Horus Heresy games, for which rules can be found in the Legiones Astartes Crusade Army List. It can also be used in Space Marine Armies in standard games of Warhammer 40,000.

Rules for using this unit in Space Marine Armies can be found HERE.

Space Marine Legion Pintle Weapons £10.00
The Space Marine Legion Pintle Weapons set consists of two multi-meltas, two heavy flamers and one heavy bolter as well as gunner arms and pintle mounts for each weapon so you can upgrade up to five vehicles. It also includes a solid cupola and twin linked bolter cupola for upgrading Deimos pattern Rhinos and vehicles based on the same chassis.

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