In the 2018 Summer Raffles you can hardly beat the sheer scale of this huge army. Im always surprised when I get to see just how big this army is and its hard to believe its all part of a single raffle.

Literally $2 and you can win this army. Personally the more tickets the better, as the winner of this army will win a ready to go fully playable army with lots of options to hit the tabletop with. Not to mention just how good the army look with most of the miniatures painted by Alexander Good and
John McAvoy. A huge thank you to those two guys + Wes Cogdal and RMC Gaming for contributing this as well.
Remember that although you are getting in on this raffle, you are also supporting a great cause with each of these charity raffles. Step up, get involved, and win a great army.

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Ultramarine Primaris Army
Primaris Space Marines are the next step in the evolution of the Adeptus Astartes. They are larger and more physically powerful than their standard cousins, in addition to having a more stable gene-seed. These mighty warriors have appeared in the closing days of the 41st Millenium following the Thirteenth Black Crusade and resurrection of Roboute Gulliman.

Primaris Space Marines have been genetically altered by Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl to be bigger, faster, stronger than their Space Marine bretheren. The seed of their creation lies in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, when the Ultramarine Primarch charged Cawl with creating a new legion of warriors that would aid the Imperium in its next darkest hour. Guilliman gave Cawl the Sangprimus Portum, which allowed the Archmagos access to information regarding all twenty Primarchs themselves. Nonetheless, the task would take ten thousand years to complete and now, when the Imperium is poised on the brink of annihilation, the Primaris Space Marines have been unleashed to fight against the Chaos hordes of the Despoiler.

This huge army of Ultramarine Primaris Space Marines (over 4000 points and 120 models) would look great in anyone’s display cabinet and can also be used as an Adeptus Astartes army in Warhammer 40,000. There are also units in this army that could work in an Ultramarine Legion army for the The Horus Heresy.

In addition to the army and objective markers, this raffle also contains a unique Ultramarines wallhanging, digitally sculpted and 3D-printed, to decorate your fortress-monastery. The wall-hanging measures 9” x 8”.

NOCF thanks Alexander, John and Wes. This is the first year the Chapter of Hope team have provided their offering (including the Deathwatch army being raffled this summer!)


1x Roboute Guilliam, Primarch of the Ultramarines (Alexander Good)
1x Primaris Librarian (Alexander Good)
1x Primaris Chaplain (Alexander Good)
1x Primaris Captain (Alexander Good)
1x Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour (Alexander Good)
3x Primaris Lieutenants (Alexander Good)
40x Primaris Intercessors (Alexander Good)
20x Primaris Hellblasters (Alexander Good)
12x Primaris Inceptors (Alexander Good)
12x Primaris Aggressors (Alexander Good)
10x Primaris Reivers (Alexander Good)
10x Space Marine Terminators (Wes Cogdal)
2x Redemptor Dreadnoughts (Alexander Good)
1x Contemptor Dreadnought (Alexander Good)
1x Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank (John McAvoy)
1x Spartan Assault Tank (John McAvoy)
1x Land Raider Redeemer (John McAvoy)
1x Sicarian Battle Tank (John McAvoy)
1x Repulsor Battle Tank (John McAvoy)
2x Vindicators (John McAvoy)
1x Aquilla Strongpoint (John McAvoy)
6x Unique Objective markers (RMC Gaming)
1x Unique Ultramarine Wall-hanging (John McAvoy)

Other Raffles Going on Now
Of course there are a lot more raffles going on, and you can catch them here on the NOCF website.

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2 Beautiful Detachments
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Wrath of Kings Celestial Host

12 Amazing Individual Models
30K Nathaniel Garro
30K & 40K Warlord Titan
40K Blood Angel v. Death Guard (Diorama)
40K Bolt Pistol (Prop)
40K Hive Tyrant
40K Mortarion
40K Trajann Valoris
40K Ultramarine Primaris Captain
CMON Red Bull
Darksword Frog Jester
Reaper Orc Berserker
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How you can Support NOCF
First off, get your tickets in.... seriously. NOCF does an amazing job really putting forth a great image out into the community for our hobby with blood and sweat from the painters who donate their time to sites that help promote and spread the word.

Banners for the Summer Raffles
And yes... if you own a blog or site and would love to help support us by hosting a banner, please contact me at We will make certain your support does not go unnoticed and will make certain that you are listed as a supporting site.

Silent Auctions
There is still a lot of room for additional miniatures and collections to make our Silent Auctions. If you run a painting studio, or have some very nice miniatures you would consider donating to a great cause, please contact me.

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