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I missed these pics, so here is part two continuing from yesterday

Also attached are the first 2 finished models for my custom Primaris Chapter: The Paragons of Lerna.

I have been Collecting Ultramarines and Deathwatch for over 15 years, and when the new Primaris marines got announced i decided to do someting a bit different.

The Paragons are an Alpha Legion Primaris successor, though this is obviously unknown to the wider imperium. I wanted to incorporate hints towards their heritage in the iconography and fluff, hence Lerna ( where the Greek Hydra was found) and their Chapter symbol ( the stylised 2-headed serpent).

The idea behind the Chapter is that Alpha Legion operatives  (possibly Alpharius / Omegon themselves) stole research from Cawl and secretly developed their own Primaris Chapter, though they did not share their knowledge with other traitors (utmost secrecy, sneaky sneaky and all that!).

The Paragons like to turn the Imperiums ignorance against itself, and use archaic ranks and designations from the heresy era, which the majority of loyalist forces believe to simply be Tribal affectations from the Paragons home world (in the same way that Space Wolves have Wolf Lords instead of Captains). Hence Lernaean captains are Harrowmasters and veterans are Headhunters. All records of the heresy were expunged in most places, which is why the Paragons get away with their thinly veiled subterfuge, as they operate mostly on fringe worlds working to their own mysterious agenda.
The Paragons also use names of Heroes (villians?) From the heresy era: Ingo Pech, Silonius, Dynat etc.
The first models i completed for the Paragons are Exodus ( Marksman), who has kill tallies chalked all over his armour to show noteworthy kills.
The second is my Standard Bearer, HeadHunter Prime Phochron (Veteran Ancient). All Lernaean veterans have black and bone elements to their armour, showing their ascension from the ranks of the Reiver squads ( who will have entirely Black and Bone armour, and are considered the elite of thr Chapter.
Final pic is of all the models i have got finished in the last few months.

Hope you like the pics and keep up the excellent work!!


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