Shadespire has a new website up and running and along with it, some downloads to check out before the game goes live.

The new Website is here

via Warhammer Community

The Shadespire website has arrived! If you’ve been dying to dive into the City of Mirrors for yourself, this is your first step, providing your guide to the game, the city, and the warbands. We’re also very happy to announce when Shadespire will be available to pre-order – you’ll be able to secure your copy on the 14th of October.

On the website, you’ll find a breakdown of how Shadespire plays, allowing you to learn the mechanics of the game before you get your hands on your copy. There are tips and tricks for each warband, as well as a rough guide to how they play, too, allowing you to choose your favourite and start planning your strategies.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in just why all these warbands are battling, and what they’re fighting for, you can get up to date with the storyline of this corner of the Mortal Realms. 

Finally, the website features some handy downloads, including a quick-start guide, glossary and reference sheets. These should help you get familiar with some of the core mechanics of the game before you pick up your set.

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