Dark Elves done right, Raging Heroes has new Heroines available now from their latest kickstarter.

via Raging Heroes

Beware Dark Elves players! Now that these heroines have been sent to our great Kickstarters backers for quite some time, let's stop teasing you and release 7 brand new models from our latest TGG2 Kickstarter. Here comes this month 'second release with our Dark Elves Heroines:

Arkiish, The Black Reaper
Asharah TGG2 version
Kraash Beast Master
Lady Darkryss
Lady Kashala, Dark Elf General
Shiveryah, Sorceress
Silkeeriss, Hunter Pack Leader

Available as usual in individual blisters, these beauties are also available together in 2 different character boxes, that will allow you to save over 22%!

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