Chronicle, the Game is in kickstarter now and has a very interesting take on tabletop wargaming. Definitely worth checking out, getting in on the ground floor, and seeing just what Chronicles will bring to the table.

Chronicles: The Game is a tabletop fantasy miniature strategy game and the first of its kind Online Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG). As a miniature strategy game, two players will command armies of finely crafted, single-piece miniatures representing the powerful factions of the world of Indagar, waging battle to claim victory.

In the OCRPG, you can get involved with other players around the world both on and off the tabletop: build your Faction’s power, drive the storyline of Indagar from season to season, and create the strongest miniature gaming community ever conceived through artwork and narrative contributions, political outreach, and military conquest.

$8,140 pledged of $37,000 goal
76 backers
17 days to go

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