Just when you thought you were safe and sound, protected by your Primaris Marines forces this happens..... GW Sends Out an Assassin!

Imagine the surprise opening up your 30th anniversary Primaris Marine and discovering an Assassin laying in wait.

via the Faeit 212 inbox from Zab

Just found an assassin in my 30th anniversary marine box tonight! Here is a copy of the email i sent to customer service. |Thought you might find this funny.


Hey gang,

I went out to the store at Langstaff in Toronto on July 10th to pick up one of the anniversary primaris marines. I was planning on priming him tonight and you'll never believe what was in there...  An assassin!

Are you people trying to kill me?!  You'll have to try harder than that you Inquisitional =][= redacted =][=ards!

I don't have the receipt anymore and I'll likely go back in person, but I thought I would inform you of this in case there are other instances O_o It's weird. I've been with GW since you just had one shop on Younge St in Toronto around 2nd ed and never had anything like this happen. It's pretty damn funny though!  


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