I found these rumors while I was looking for something else.

Please remember that these are rumors. I take them with a grain of salt.

via Commandаrt on vk
-Also for you 40k players, namely those interested in sisters. They are coming. After seeing how much the recent hero set sold they are working on them now. It may take about a year but it's in progress. 
Hope I have peaked some interest and brought some hope to you all. Sadly I didn't get much info about Death and Destruction but I am hoping Death will get a long awaited release, and some goblins will soon be a thing.

-The rumored dwarves should be released at the end of March. 

-Elves will be getting some releases in the summer

-Some elves will be joining slaneesh as a cult. 

-For those of you who play 40k as well, expect it to get streamlined a bit. The rules bloat will be taken care of.

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