We are seeing more 2 Ruleset for 8th edition rumors.

I believe that the first we heard of this a few days back and this source are most the same. So don't be concerned that multiple sources are saying the same thing.

Remember that these are rumors, and to please add the required salt.

via Mikhael on Bols

The new edition will have two separate rulesets.
40K: Primary game will have a new set of streamlined rules.
30K: Heresy era ruleset will be seperate and more complex.

40K 8th Edition Ruleset
The new rules are streamlined but retain the core of current 7th edition 40k rules.
Age of Sigmar style Warscroll-datasheets are in.
Look to find unit stats, special rules and rules on these Warscrolls-datasheets, in short everything you would need to play in one place.
Most of the core rules’s complexity is staying, with only some fiddly peripheral rules and a percentage of the unit special rules being phased out.

30K Horus Heresy Ruleset
The 30K rules will allow use of current Forge World books without alteration.
Technically the ruleset is not new.
It is the current 7th edition ruleset, with 40th millennia portions removed and the 30K Age of Darkness sections added in their place.

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