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I've recently finished this Space Wolves Knight Errant, my first attempt at an Imperial superheavy. I've not long finished a filthy, beaten-up Ork Stompa, so I decided to go in the opposite direction with this model and have it sparkling clean, like it's just hit the battlefield after a prolonged period of maintenance. I went with the same shades of grey I've used for the rest of my Space Wolf army, opting for more grey than blue.

I've only been back in the hobby for about 9 months (after a ~20 year absence) and this mini was a bunch of firsts for me - first time using an airbrush on a vehicle, first time masking off areas (the shoulder, hatch, knee and shin), first time applying transfers and first time making my own basing materials from leftovers of imperial building kits. I'm particularly happy with the heat staining on the Inferno Cannon and the pose of the Knight itself, but can see plenty of bits I can improve on with my next Knight.

As of yet he doesn't have a name - I'd love some suggestions!

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