Reecius here from Frontline Gaming for a rules talk. We've got a rules discrepancy between the print and digital versions of Death from the Skies, and it's a big one!
So, the print version of Death from the Skies indicates that Attack and Bomber flyers do not have Skyfire any longer.

However, the digital version lists these flyer types as still having skyfire. Weird, right? This does happen from time to time, and can be a tad frustrating when it happens as it leaves players and event organizers in a weird spot. Which version do you use? Typically, GW says to use the version of the rules you have which doesn't resolve the situation for organized play but it actually does make sense from a business perspective. Tournaments though, need to have a ruling for everyone.

 So what to do in this case? For me, my biggest complaint with Death from the Skies apart form not having rules for all of the awesome Forgeworld Flyers, is losing Skyfire for Attack and Bomber craft. It REALLY limits their versatility as FMCs are so dang good and losing the ability to combat these wher eyou could previously will end up with a lot of them going back on the shelf that used to be quite common such as Fire Raptors, Stormwolves, etc.

 So for me as a gamer, my instincts are to say: yeah, let's use the digital version! But, that's not always the right way to go about things. The downside to that is that Fighters then comparatively get a lot weaker as they get a -1 to firing on ground targets which is a bummer as the other types of craft don't really lose anything.

 The middle road a lot of folks have proposed is to simply say, let Attack and Bomber craft keep skyfire but give them a -1 when firing at Air targets. That to me, seems very reasonable and fair. Flyers keep the bad ass Flyer Wings which add some cool bonuses and are a lot of fun, but you get the balancing act of some draw backs that are also characterful.

 What do you all think? Digital version? Print Version? Or the middle ground? Hopefully GW adresses this in their FAQs, soon. Let us know what you think!

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