Right now Hawk Wargames is working hard at getting Dropfleet Commander out. While this is going on, there are a few items they have recently released that may have flown under the radar for fans of Dropzone Commander.

Famous Commanders
More Famous Commanders have been released.....

Ramses, the Firstborn£13.00
Gunnar, the Ferryman£15.00
General Arthur J. Wade£14.00
Jocasta Caine, Battle Vizier£12.00
Jessie Adams, Guide of the Damned£28.00
Lieutenant-General Luciana M. Cato£26.50
Eden's Dinosaur£19.00
Marcus Barros, Grand Vizier£26.50
Warchief Isis, the Clairvoyan £13.50
Salakahn, Tyrant of Atlantia £14.00
Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy £15.00

Dual Blisters for New Variants
And new variants for existing model. These are now coming in dual blisters so you can choose which variant you want to build.

Like its sister unit the Longbow, the Crossbow was designed as a light artillery piece – ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice to support armoured attacks and insertions. However the Crossbow has a much more specific focus, and...

Thor Bombard£11.50
The Thor Bombard is rightly named after an ancient Earth Deity of war and thunder. It sports the ‘Mjolnir’ artillery system comprising four multiple launch howitzer barrels firing in synchronised order to carpet the target area in fire and death....

Mehmed Siege Tanks£12.00
The Mehmed variant of the Hannibal tank was not often fielded in the early stages of the Reconquest with good reason. Created as a siege tank, it was not as versatile as the Hannibal in the early years of the...

Corruptors are first on the target list for any UCM Infantry force Commander, and with good reason. While not specifically deadly themselves, they carry a violent cargo that spells certain destruction to any garrisoned units; Razorworm Pods. Equipped with several...

Menchit A2 Battle Walkers£11.00
The Menchit A2 represents a change from the usual PHR combat doctrine of task-specific units working in harmony for a finite goal. The Unit is deployed for close support and often in limited engagements or as reinforcement when PHR army...

Firebird Gunships£11.50
Firebird pilots are the some of the most fringe warriors of Shaltari society. They often graduate from Thunderbird craft to the Firebird in a need to fulfil their combative spirit and desire to see the destruction they cause first hand....

Seraphim Retaliator £12.00
New operational parameters and a changing landscape have meant new thinking for many UCM designs. The production of the Seraphim Retaliator is a direct response to these changes, most notable in topography and enemy tactics. The Seraphim was originally designed...

Monitor Swarm £13.00
It is in the inherent Scourge Lifespan that the Monitor’s menace comes to the fore. This is because Monitors are in fact old Minders pushed to the end of their sanity but endless guarding of the skies with little outlet...

Angelos A2 Jetskimmer £11.00
As the PHR become more embroiled in outright conflict on the Cradle Worlds, more intelligence is being gathered about their war engines and constructs. Given their frightening efficiency and hit and run tactics, it has taken this long for UCM...

Leopard £12.50
The leopard continues the Shaltari combined arms strategy first seen in the Jaguar. Instead of anti-tank and anti-air capability, this construct sports close support weaponry similar to that seen on a Dreamsnare or Firedrake, but with a concentrated Anti-vehicle weapon...

Thunder Wagon £11.50
The Resistance have always proven themselves nothing if not inventive. If a problem presents itself, they will adapt, avoid, adjust…or smash it to pieces. The Thunder Wagon is a clear example of the ‘Smash it to Pieces’ problem solving strategy....

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