A Daemonic Primarch seems like a big jump for Games Workshop. But, is it really? There are some additional hints and intel bits that are creeping together providing us with a little more insight to this possibility.

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At the latest Warhammer/FW Open Day Feat Dealy Thing, one of the FW sculptors said plastic is being kicked around for the Daemon Primarchs to allow for things more difficult to do for resin.

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Speaking of Space Wolves, Natfka, I bumped into an old mate last night who had a chap with him who I'd not met before. He said that he knew people working at GW, said that they were working on Warzone: Fenris pt2 at the moment and showed me two grainy photos.

I assume that the delay in pt2 is down to the models involved as one pic was of Thousand Sons in ornate armour that I'd not seen before and the other pic was of a daemonic Magnus. Hard to make out details on him from memory but there was a fair bit of blue & red on him and I vaguely remember something like blue pinions outstretched from his back but I'm not sure if they were wings. Clearly a departure from a Primarch Magnus from FW.

And a plastic Magnus from GW was the last thing I expected to see. It looked legit, but I don't know the chap, so...

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