There are two new Start Collecting boxes coming this weekend, these are normally great deals to start your armies off. So how good are these two new sets? Lets take a look at the reported contents.

Here again is the release list for the week, that was revealed yesterday

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Contents of the new start collecting boxes:
Militarum Tempestus: new commissar, 2scions teams and a taurox.

Chaos Space Marines: terminator lord, CSM team and a helbrute.

via Gameware
the contents of the new Start Collecting boxes are:

Chaos Space Marines:
1 Chaos Space Marine Terminator Lord, 10 Chaos Space Marines and 1 Chaos 

Militarum Tempestus:
1 Officio Perfectus Commissar, 10 Miliatarum Tempestus Scions and 1 Taurox 


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