There has always been something that bugged me a lot about weapon ranges on the tabletop, and that is the unrealistic ranges that were put on weapons. Ive always been in the camp that a rifle or gun that only shoots 24" is a little ridiculous. However, I also understood that for the game purposes that this rule made sense in context of the rules. So when it came to Genesys, I wanted to do better.

Accuracy Penalties: All ranged weapons have an accuracy range. This is the range the weapon can be fired at without taking any penalties for range. Accuracy Penalties apply when trying rolling to hit with a ranged weapon.
Acc x1: No penalty
Acc x2: -1 Accuracy Penalty
Acc x3: -2 Accuracy Penalty
Acc x4: Weapon is out of range and cannot hit its target

Movement Penalties: Firing, or throwing a weapon with a ranged combat action is more difficult if you are moving quickly. Movement Penalties apply when trying to roll to hit with a ranged weapon.
Mvnt x1: No Movement Penalty
Mvnt x2: -1 Movement Penalty
Mvmt x3: -2 Movement Penalty
Mvmt x4: Cannot shoot when moving at this speed

For Example: A rifle with a 24” Accuracy trying to hit a target at 36” would suffer a -1 penalty. Now if that same shot was attempted while running at double movement which would add an additional -1 penalty.

Rate of Fire. This is the next thing that I wanted to advance in the game. Even modern day weapons have selective fire options, and I wanted to make sure that this was portrayed in the game. This means that an assault rifle has selective fire.

Selective Fire (these can differ depending upon the weapon and technology)
Single Shot: Full Acc range
Bursts (3): -6" acc range
Full Auto (5): -12" acc range

Even though this seems like a lot of shots, you are most likely going to be using coordinated fire to take down the beast. This reduces the number dice being thrown.

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