New updates are out now for the Warhammer 40k Assault Dice app. Tobias has been keeping us up to date on it, and he has been working diligently with readers suggestions. Definitely something to check out..... and stop knocking over my models with your dice!!!!

You can also follow all the updates questions and comments at the original post which is still going on.

via Tobias Drewry
Finally! Update released -- quick synopsis [just a few minor changes :P]
I think we hit the full list of items folks were looking for and then a few extra. The highlights version is:

+ up to 200 dice per dice bed (device dependent though)
+ re-roll dice of a specified value, such as 1's.
+ expanded compatibility so any i-device which can run 8.1 can run the app -- mileage will vary.
+ stubs are in place now for IAP and faction content.
+ massive overhaul to the selection system so you can do things with 200 little cubes.

Keep letting us know what you want to see next and we'll get it moving!

From the app-store update page:

- Add up to 200 dice per dice pane on newer generation devices!
(NOTE: Older generation devices have lower dice caps per pane; new setting allows these devices to disable this limit)
- Re-Roll selected dice (e.g.: Select "1's" and re-roll those dice)
- Expand Compatibility to all iOS 8.1+ devices
- Touch and Hold the Enumerator to select dice of the given value (e.g.: Select all "2's")
- Touch and Hold a die to select/deselect all dice
- Rate of Fire for adding more than 1 die per Add Die Button press – incremental, 1, 5 or 10
- Rate of Fire for adding from dice cup (same as above)
- Update Selection Highlight style
- Add device type detection to control max dice per bed
- Optimized dice mesh
- Optimized application settings
- Optimized texture memory utilization
- Optimized Player Quality by device
- Hold down the Add Dice button to continuously add dice to the pane
- Tuned Double-Tap timings
- Max Dice per Pane notice on the dice bed via Dice Cap "button"
- Updated Animation and Settling routines for dice management
- UI refinement to introduce new elements
- Added loading screen
- Added "Pane ID" to show which pane you're currently on
- Increased Dice Pane total to 31 (1 scatter, 30 standard)
- Revised rolling technique to using only Physics (update for an even more natural feel)

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