There are several missing kits on the Tau pages, and as far as what we know now, they are set for repacks.

On the Warhammer App the other day there was a graphic and free wallpaper with Tau Battlesuit Chart on it. It was a graphic, for the article, and the wallpaper was a closer shot of the suits. Shortly after it going live, the image that you see above changed with the names of the battlesuits cut off, as you can see from a current screenshot that I posted below. Most likely nothing..

It looks like we will see a dual kit commander perhaps for the XV85  Enforcer and the XV86 Coldstar. Remember the transfer sheets?

So yes, the suspense of a single release per week just kills. Ive been doing my standard digging and more literally for hours.
Next week's hints as they have been reported. "The third sphere expansion hits the Damocles Gulf!"

Here is the image now as it looks on the app,

And this is the free wallpaper... which is still available for you if you just head on over to the app.

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