What's On Your Table: Custom Phoenix and Dragon Heldrake Conversion

These two models are built using two heldrake kits , I built the pheonix shaped heldrake first as an experiment to see just what I could do with the kit (I had previously built a single heldrake without mods and was due to play apocalypse so wanted three for the formation) and when that project was completed I had a spare set of helldrake legs. 

Using these parts along with the spare armour plates and parts left over from the pheonix project I used them along with another heldrake kit, some thick wire and some spiky bits from the chaos vehicle accessory sprue along with some green stuff and a badly sketched plan I built a heldragon model to lead my heldrake fear squadron on the attack for the apocalypse game. (Only for them to suffer the indignity of being flakk attacked on turn 1 before they could open fire thus being forced off the table)


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