The adeptus sororitas has really been lacking anything for a long time and just recently took another blow with the disappearance of the Immolator. While I had figured the Immolator was just out of stock and mislabeled, it appears that may not be the case. 

This is the responses from customer service about the Sisters of Battle. 

Via a reader on Faeit 212

The question........
Just wanted to know whether the Adepta Sororitas Immolator actually is no longer available or just out of stock?

I was planning on buying a couple but was bummed out when I couldn't.

I also have another Adepta Sororitas related question. I need some backpacks for my battle sisters. I know you stopped with the bitz service years ago! However, I wanted to ask anyway if you could be helpful in any way of me aquiring a couple of backpacks when I place an order?

Lets toss in another question while I'm at it. Rules questions, where do I direct these nowadays?

Thank you!

The Answer...........

Thanks for the Email - Unfortunately the Immolator is classed as no longer available - this usually means at the moment we have no plans to reproduce it - however as we are not part of the decision making process here in customer service ( it's kept top secret!!)
Please keep an eye on the Website and or in White Dwarf for news on releases, we usually get to know at the last minute too.
As regards the backpacks I can ask around but I can't promise any - as you say the bits service is no longer done - we would need to find an opened box in the warehouse.

For rules questions please send an email to

Thanks and Kind Regards,

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