The short range future of Dropzone Commander and is being worked on for Dropfleet Commander is here. For DzC its the next wave, and the Scourge Screamer is how Big? Whoa.

Here is the latest.

via Ravanar on the Hawk Wargame Forums

Disclaimer: quite a few bits of this aren't solidified yet as per the experimental nature of games development and therefore could change.

First off, the Scourge Screamer is huge. Apparently it's basically a dinosaur. Some dimensions were getting on par with the Hades.

Famous commanders:

The remaining famous commanders are close to being done. The Hera is making use of no existing components in its construction, Wades tank is awesome. Expect word of these in the not too distant future.

Next wave:
Following the Screamer, Medusa, Hazard suits and Shaltari slaves are the Valkaryies, AA team, Samurai and Vampire.
Valkaryies - Jump troops which aren't Troops or Exotic. Think Siren drop outs in immortal armour.
AA team - Man portable AA cannon.
Samurai - Short range Ronin with a 2 handed weapon.
Vampire - Big A*** Mot*** ******* bat from hell. Occupies no slot in force org, and is an upgrade for a transport in a similar manner as razor worms are for heavy tanks (Marauders, Harbingers and Despoilers). pretty much a Flying AA prowler. Each model is about 2-3" in wingspan.

Resistance Love:
You're getting 2 types of quad bike, one support, one building ...demo? This is going to be a bit down the line due to resistance having a more fleshed out faction and not needing to play catch up - these units are not designed by Dave but he is very pleased with how they are so they're going to rock.

Scourge Ships are in development at the moment. Dave has a pretty good idea how he wants the vessels to look already and no they are not giant space whales in shape. Or squids.
Dave also has a good idea how the Shaltari ships are going to be designed. The gateception joke will only apply to the frigate class vessels and even then only loosely.
PHR went unspoilt.
Ships will be supplied with their own bases with spinny things for tracking altitude and energy "Spikes", think Aeronautica Imperialis for the basic principal.
Torpedoes, Missiles and Strike Craft will all be in the game. Ramming and boarding will not. Missiles are short range weapons which have a countered range like now. torpedoes are too damn big to be shot down quickly so have a long range but will be limited unlike gunnery but have their own mechanics.
The game will not be available for purchase before next year. The rules are done though so it is planned for some stuff to be shown at Invasion, possibly gencon if it's ready.

The future:
Based on what I was told each faction will continue to develop on an arc of their own techwise. PHR will have limited Nano weapons but will have more of their familiars making appearances. UCM will continue along a more traditional arc with their air and tanks (You see Wades Broadsword? Call that an Odin, now think SC2, now think Thor). Scourge will be picking up more Bio forms with their hybrid tech approach. Not much was said about Shaltari in this regard but other bits suggested they were going more towards an individual prowess rather then big heavy multi crew vehicles. 1 man craft type things but also in squads.

There will be an expansion at some point focussing on fleshing out the fast mover options. More interceptors, dedicated ground attack craft, perhaps some bombers if you're good. That kind of thing.

In closing:
All hail Patrice for his ability to produce a badass set of images.

The Gencon crowd have a nice surprise awaiting them as well (Yes I know what it is, no I won't tell you though).

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