The latest images of the new Paladin models and Warscrolls are out now. They are in German, but Gametrust also sent us a brief translation of each of the new Paladin types. Retributors, Decimators, and Protectors are all ready to roll, and up for pre-orders this weekend.

The one thing I have not yet seen is the hints for next week. Looking for them.

via Gametrust,list1246,1,warhammer-age-sigmar.html

They mostly show the new Paladin models and warscrolls.
The three Paladin types are:
- Retributors - Lightning Hammers can cause two deadly wounds when 
rolling a 6 (no wound or save rolls allowed)
- Decimators - Thunderaxes can attack more than one enemy. Furthermore 
enemys have to add 2 to battleshock tests when within 6" of a Decimator
- Protectors - Stormstrike Glaives generate an arrow shield (called 
storm shield) that lowers the dice roll of an enemy ranged unit by 1. 
When they attack a monster with this weapon and roll a 6 (wound roll), 
they inflict D6 damage

All Paladins can alternatively use a Starsoul Mace that inflicts D3 
deadly wounds.

If for any reason they are not there, the leaks from Gametrust are also up on

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