Today Hawk Wargames put out a teaser image of an upcoming Scourge model (the one above). I had assumed that this is a teaser image of a new Scourge Dropzone Commander model, possibly the Cavebreaker Famous Commander that is coming. I was wrong...........

I was told today the exact words in the title of the article via Hawk Wargames, "that might be a spaceship". Which means that we will most likely get to see Scourge ships for Dropfleet very soon at GenCon. The best part of all this is that GenCon will have lots of information coming about Dropfleet, and I for one, am just dying to get into it!

One more last bit of information.... I was told to expect something on Monday morning here for Faeit 212. We will be getting our first look (not a teaser image) of a Scourge ship!

Faeit 212 Community News

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