According to the latest.... of course there is, and those points will come on datasheets. The no point thing has been around for awhile now and, I can see why the rumor of no point costs took hold.

Please remember that these are rumors at this point. Personally I tend to believe that there will be point costs per model or unit.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
So that GW Sales Rep burst into laughter when being asked about the no points issue and said would there be any point with no points? (pun not intended and is there just because of translation.)

Leaked images show AoS version equivalents of 40K Formations and don't have points costs since the points are in datasheet equivalents as they are in 40K

There multiple alternative plans for AoS releases as there were for 6th and 7th editions of 40K codexes depending on their sales as now their times for getting figures from drawing board to stores has been accelerated to another dimension. It is up to the gamers and their wallets how fast and far AoS goes.

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