There is just a lot in this release that GW has in store for us. The Age of Sigmar's models are starting to be revealed even more, with more undead, daemons, and more. I am starting to finally get a feel for a larger aesthetic, although the shoulder pads with lighting on it are a little over the top.

Here is where to see the latest leaks
via Lady Atia

Another Good Place to see all the leaks

via ShadowWolf32387 on Faeit 212
There really isn't anything special to tell you as Lady Atia already got to everything regarding the Age of Sigmar fluff and rules.  However, I do have two little highlights for you:

1.) There is indeed a free Stormcast Eternal model.  Looks to be a 40mm base.

2.) The Paint Splatter hint is "All that glitters is..."

probably a safe assumption that there is more gold painting next week.  The new gold paints don't replace Balthasar, Gehenna's, and Auric Armor gold, mercifully.

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