As stores need information to sell the game, the information has to be spreading out now to stores owners everywhere. Here is some information from one such conversation.

via a anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Just wanted to give a bit of a heads up on some of the rumors flying around
about age of sigmar. I talked to my rep and he was giving me the
scoop on the new edition.

On the 4th the new rules as well as all existing models will be getting
their rules released online. He say the chaos warscrolls and said there
were around 40 to be released. I didn't ask about points as that
controversy hadn't started yet.

Rulebook is short- he likened it to the X-Wing phamplet. As new models are
released, their rules will be available in the box as well as online
(they've been experimenting with this in some new 40k kits). Depending on
how sales go, the plan is for all races to receive updates in the future.
They are planning on releasing 1-3 Fantasy books a year with new units,
scenarios, campaign rules etc. These books will also advance the storyline
as it develops, like privateer does with their book releases.

Army prices are going down as well. Rep claimed the game was designed to
be scaled down to the size of 40k Kill teams, said "we wanted to lower our
barrier of entry to around $100" We talked about a number of other things
involving fantasy but they have already been leaked by other posters.

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