Clan Raukaan: A Codex Space Marines Supplement is confirmed now for a November release, as information from the November White Dwarf is just now hitting. This will be huge, as a good percentage of Space Marine players are Iron Hands, or are now building an Iron Hands supplement with the release of the latest Space Marine Codex.

Its also worth noting, that with this information, it is confirmed that like Sentinels of Terra, instead of a chapter wide codex supplement, we will start seeing specific companies within the chapters detailed out in the background, with rules. This really gives these supplements an unlimited amount of possibilities for the future, and I can see 6th edition really going on for years to come (as was rumored here over a year ago).

Please remember that even though this information comes from the November White Dwarf, it is still considered a rumor, and will be until an official announcement is released.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
This is from the November White Dwarf, Clan Raukaan is an Iron Hands codex supplement set for digital release in November. Here are some of the details mentioned
-Iron Hands companies are named after the clans of Medusa, and Clan Raukaan is the largest of these.
-Battles vs chapters arch rival- The Slaanesh Prince the Saphire King
-Rules for fielding Clan Raukaan including the standard;
Chapter Relics,
Apocalypse Datasheets,
Stratagems for Planetstrike, Cities of Death
Altar of War

Kardan Stronos is also mentioned as the Iron Father of Clan Raukaan, but might just be part of the background.

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