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Dwarves are Coming

Catching up on Warhammer Fantasy this weekend, this rumor bit has been circulating over the last couple days, and its time to get caught up. If I don't, my front door is not made to withstand both Hammer and Axe.

The latest release date has Dwarves for sometime between February and March for a release date. Right in between codex Tyranids (which now looks like it could be a two month release), and the Imperial Guard releases. So take a look at what is coming.

this was found on Bols a few days back, Please remember that these are rumors, and salt is always required.

via Ajota from the Spanish Eye of Terror forums
Dwarfs are due in "early 2014"(corroborating other sources saying March 2014) 
Dwarfs news, next army to make their appearance could include:
OrcCrusher / Tunneler (combo kit)
Runic Anvil / War Altar (combo box)
Gyrocopter Squadron Box
Thunderers / Crossbowmen / Dwarf Warriors Box (10)
Hammerers / Ironbreaker Box
Matadors???  / Brotherhood of Grimmir Box
Longbeards  / Rangers Box

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  1. So I guess these rumors dwarf the others then? Because they hammer home some good ideas for a new book. Thanks for mining them out :D

    1. You deserve a like function. :)

    2. It's still a bit SHORT of info, but I think I could make a beardy army out of them. Even if I would only grudgingly start a new army. :)

    3. I'm just glad they didn't get AXED like their 40k counterparts :P

  2. Apparently Matadors is just what they call Slayers in Spanish.

  3. A tad sceptical about the two-month release schedule for Tyranids, so maybe Dwarves will be in February?