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Tyranid Rumors

Tyranids are not that far away now, as they are rumored to be available for pre-orders at the end of December. With that we have more rumors of new models coming for Zoanthropes, in a new multi-part plastic set. So check out the latest information on the beasts that will start off your new year with a bang.

Please remember that these are rumors, salt is always required.

via Larry Vela on Bols
We rate these possible, coming from mixed sources
-Multipart plastic kit makes 3 models.
-Flying bases.
-3 base bodies in the kit, 2 tails are coiled, one is curling slightly forward.
-Back plates and chests are identical for the three. These are wider and slightly taller than the current model. The base tail piece has 2 tiny claws that go on, but are not normal Tyranid ball sockets. The torso has 4 arm sockets. For these models the claw arms are similar to hormagaunt claws, but shorter. Kit contains a dozen arms, most are retracted, four are extended out. All are small atrophied limbs compared to other Tyranids. Two rows of back-vents.
- Multipart heads. There are separate pieces per head to make the mouths have more dimension. One has its tongue out, curling to the side. One closed mouth, one mouth is wide open. The head plate is wider and has a spiked ridge. The brains are exposed, no eyes.
-Tail loses the current model's spiked end.
-Slightly larger than the current model.
-Fundamentally an evolutionary kit from the current Zoanthrope to meet the requirements of injected plastic production.
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~Hmm, so this set of descriptions is ONLY for the zoanthrope, but I'm betting there is an alternative critter in that kit. Venomthrope maybe - or something entirely new?

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  1. Zoanthrope, Venomtrope and Doom should have one kit. So similar.

    1. Don't forget the malanthrope. Love that ugly looking thing.

    2. and here's me thinking it had the face only a mother could love :)

    3. OO don't forget the Tvthrope, with all of it's witty observations about life inside the galaxy and out!

    4. Malanthrope won't be in there. GW doesn't plan on taking away from Forgeworld if they can avoid it. Plus, it's scaled completely differently.

  2. Think flying bases is a little odd.

    1. We all float down here.

      Beep beep, Richie.

    2. Hivefleet Pennywise, red/white colorscheme and lots of zoanthropes

    3. Gotta watch those drains around Hive fleet Pennywise.

    4. Hiya Georgie! Want a balloon?

  3. I expect a lot of multipurpose kits to deal with the -vore, -guard, -thrope and warrior derivatives. I can't see GW release a dozen or more plastic kits for nids. I think Dark Elves also had 4 multipuropse kits. Seems like a good bet that the Doom and Venomthrope are part of the Zoantrope kit.

  4. I would have said Zoanthrope/Genethrope/Doom for this kit as Venomthrope is a bit too different with the head, posture and all those fleshy bits but who knows?

    then there will probably be Genestealers/Ymgarl Genestealers

    Warriors/Shrikes with parts for Tyranid Prime and Parasite Of Mortrex

    and Tyrant Guard/Hive Guard. then all the other kits. needless to say that Nids will probably get a 2 month treatment like Dark Elves, or at least thats what they deserve.