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Imperial Guard March 2014: Some Details Emerging.

There have been some Imperial Guard rumors floating around, and there are some details emerging around the internet on what will be in this codex. Check out this latest sets  of rumors. There are two sets of rumors here

Please remember that these are rumors, and take them with a grain or two of salt. Some of these are a few days old, but when the Inquisition is announced, its hard to stay focused.

via Noel at Wargamer
-‘Mission Objectives’ are potentially a new special rule for the Imperial Guard, although my channels are a little dry on this front, one can only begin to imagine what they do. I heard on the grapevine, that this special rule would allow even sergeants, to order ‘minor orders’ to their own unit.

-Formerly Forge World dominated vehicles will take a tour in the Imperial Guard codex. This means we could see such units as the Forge World Destroyer Tank Hunter as part of the upcoming codex. Although one finds it extremely unlikely they will receive a new plastic kit.

-Headquarters units have seen a massive shake up. Above the whole organisation, some units have been deleted, others modified. You start by buying a command squad, this is then changed by swapping the officer for a commissar, if one wishes too. The three present advisors have been retained, with the addition of the Primaris Psyker as a command squad advisor.

-Ministorum Priests are back in the same manner as before, this time though it has been rumoured they increase the ranged output of the unit, as well combat potential. Maybe in the form of the ‘preferred enemy’ special rule, who knows?

-The mighty (or not so mighty Enginseer) has stayed relatively the same, except for the transition from HQ to either Elite or Heavy Support. But what excites me the most, are their roles on the field of battle. Apparently they will act much like Royal Courts in the Necron army, bought with certain upgrades, then attached out to other units, to confer certain benefits to that unit.

-In terms of repacking, it is believed that special weapon squads will receive their own box set. This is also rumoured to be extended to veteran squads and heavy weapon teams. Coming in boxes of five models, with a wide variety of special equipment.

-Moving on from the veteran weapon squads re-boxing, it is believed that they will be changing their position on the battlefield. With smaller squad sizes, veterans seem to be taking a fire support role, that focuses on battlefield specialisation.

-Vendetta and Valkyrie gunship’ will more than likely be streamlined into one unit. Also it is believed that the squadron option will be lost, and an increase in points to balance out the power of Vendetta and Valkyrie gunship’ in sixth edition.

via Larry Vela on Bols
Codex Imperial Guard launches in March 2014
Look for many refreshes in the codex rules.
Expanded command system with the return of Doctrines
The missing IG tanks will be released:
-Griffon/Collosus/Medusa artillery kit
Stormtroopers released
Veterans released
-These two infantry kits include many, many optional bits to build command squads and even penal troops.
New centerpiece kit is a Horus Heresy era tank.

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  1. Centrepiece kit is a HH era tank? Wonder how FW feel about that...

  2. i kinda don't believe in this. It looks like someone repacked rummors that are around for last 3 months and posted them in email to natfka.

    - I think we will see doctrines for whole army (+1 for this)
    - I think vets will stay same with possibility of reduction special weapons to 2 per 10 or bumping it to 4 per 10.
    - IG dex is already big if they will feature FW models it will grow to SM size dex, would be nice but i doubt it. Still its possible as its base for 70% of FW kits / rules.
    - I would love to see heavy stubber as option for Squads.
    - I think they will redesign heavy weapon squads as T3 W2 doesn't work in 6ed but this is just my speculation
    - I think they will bring Steel Legion models in Plastic and phase out current models for redoing in 7ed as current models are really not cool.
    Also i can see Griffon/Salamander box and Medusa/Basilisk or Medusa/Hydra box being released and new Tank.

    Now my crazy ideas:
    I think IG will have option to take 2 Fortifications with some crazy doctrine "dig in chaps!"

    I have a strange feeling Leman Russ BT will stay "nerfed" in favor of new kit to earn money ofc by GW. So don't expect any improvements here maybe minor 10 points cost drop.

    I wish rough ridders would get fearles and FnP or T4 but i have a strange feeling GW don't want to make kits and see people playing them.


    Overall i would like to see options from FW book Fall of Orpheus as part of new Dex,aka

    Ability to buy T4 for Command squad (this is to prevent stupid insta kills from autocanons on your warlord)

    1 Time Eternal Warrior, this would be amazing on HWS to give them chance to not insta die from anything S6... yes S6 is common and 5+ is not great as almost everything is AP5 or better.

    My proposal would be to make HWS relentless as long as they are at 2 wounds (reloading guy is helping yeah ?) so you can move your Autocanon and shoot.

    I would love to see some upgrades to make mortars and heavy bolters viable aka make mortar shoot 2 small blasts or 1 large blast. It is S3 so why not ? Or simply make difficult terrain in place where he drops blast for 1 turn.

    I also would love to see upgrades go down in cost, 30 points for FnP on T3 Command Squad is just a joke. Vox Casters costing more than guardsmen another joke. I would propose to make vox casters free or mandatory in every squad and give ability to take orders anywhere on battlefield. Hey its a radio.... ofc if someone will snipe vox using sniper rifle or simply kill you can't get orders. Simple and adds some fluffy gimmicks to the game.

    Also I would love for GW to take a moment and think how they want to use IG, talk to FW about rules that make a good game and not build bad thing. That said i just want them to rip off Elites part of the book with an exception of Marbo.

    1. Mortars are S4 BTW. I actually could see the IG Codex as being as big as the SM Codex: IG is at least as diverse an organization as SM chapters. T4 for the CCS is unlikely, however a EW option via a piece of wargear might be happen a la the SM and AS codices.

    2. Take a look at Fall of Orpheus. T4 on CCS as upgrade costs 25 points, and this is worth it, you don't want your commander to die from random fire. Or at least one time Eternal warrior.

      Sorry for block of text but IG is my army and i would love to see something that will let me compete with Khan Bike Spam that gets in my face on turn one and kills everything :>

    3. Do not forget the platoon standard: overpriced for a crappy rule.

    4. in current book every single upgrade that is not melta/plasma gun is overpriced crap :D

  3. totally off topic but does anyone recon that the black templars will get a supplement? i've decided to go through my old army and make it 6th edition legal but i'll need to make some purchases as far as i can see.

    as far as i read it,
    still no neophytes with sniper rifles
    crusader squads can have two heavy weapons with one sword brother with as many neophytes as initiates

    question i have can i have units that are not black templar such as assault squads, command squads, even centurions

    1. sometime before summer is last I heard

    2. Indeed you can, only difference is that you get access to Crusader squads and cannot access librarians. other than that you have access to the full range of minis! :D

  4. Command squad with commissar... Ibram Gaunt?

    1. It would be great to see the Ghosts get some love again, and dare I say some new minis!

  5. hmm, I could buy into the adoption of more forgeworld kits more now than in the past. Forgeworld has really been stretched thin keeping up with HH. Perhaps some of its more mainline specialty tanks units could go to mainstream GW, there clearly being a market for them, thus allowing Forgeworld to focus on HH?

  6. Things I expect to see in the upcoming IG codex:

    -Stormtrooper fair cost reduction

    -Commisar Yarrick nerf (Iron Will similar to SoB Celestine) which will warrant a massive point reduction (His cost is outrageous as it is)

    -Vendetta cost increase
    -Penal Legion desperado skill needs a rework

    -Rough Rider buff

    -Ogryn point reduction/buff

    -Enginseer buff

    -Ministorium priest buff

    Steel Legion troops in plastic or another regiment that is "NOT" cadian/catachan.

    1. Rough Riders only need hunting lance with AP2.

    2. Can't see that happening as a normal POWER lance is +1S AP3 for first turn after charging, so you are asking for a better weapon than a power lance (where a single power weapon now costs +15 points standard in most codices, eviscerators for AS are a very limited buy and cost +30 points for AP2 unwieldy).

  7. I want plastic:
    Kasrkins/Stormtroopers (they can share a box, and it would make sense)
    Steel Legion

    And a new plastic HQ Commisar.

    thank you...

  8. I'm really hoping for plastic Ogryns and Ratlings. I've always loved the thought of both even if the rules and models are a bit lackluster. I would probably buy either even if the rules were lackluster with a good-looking kit... :D

  9. I might actually finish getting all the IG I currently have painted by the time this codex comes out so I can make better informed Elite and Fast Attack slot choices. :)

  10. More stuff between me and my new Ork codex...sigh

  11. If the rumors are true about the Valks/Vendettas, it would make me an incredibly happy player. Points increase would be great, loss of squadron would be amazing, and both together would have me dancing in the streets and content to wait for the Space Wolf Codex (without being completely salty about being ignored for anti-air and fliers.) My Tau allies can deal with 3-4 fliers, but 9 is just ridiculous.

    1. +1 to that. Vendettas are way overpriced compared to other 6th Ed flyers, and being able to squadron them is just plain broken. Need a big nerf bat...