1. Wow, a new video for the MMO I'm waiting for most!! Wait ... it seems, this video was released last August during the GamesCom in Cologne.
    Nevertheless - I hadn't seen it till now, so thanks for sharing!

    The graphics look a little old for a game that is to be released in about 1-2 years. I hope they polish them up a little, else the game might start with outdated graphics ...

  2. I had not seen it either, regardless of when it was first released.

    If I hadnt and you hadnt, doesnt that make it new enough?

    I do not follow the video game industry very closely, however, being related to 40k if it does pop up then I like to take note of it.

    MMO's are not my thing anymore.

  3. Vigil announced the Imperium of Man at Games Com 2010 in October if I recall correctly. Regardless its always interesting to watch and it will be interesting to see the 40k universe from a different perspective. I hope Vigil can do the game and 40k property justice.

    There's still very little info on the game so I haven't been watching it too closely but watching it regardless.

  4. The imperium of Man? In a 40k game? Gaspers! I bet nobody saw that coming! I'm so glad they announced THAT instead of something like, you know, daemons. That'd be fun.


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