I was wondering if any of you had a couple more pics of this thing. All I have is this one shot, and while it is definitely a scratch built, I would like to see a couple more images of it.

I have a file I have been building on customized and scratch built Dark Eldar models. Mostly to help spawn more ideas for my own work. Although I am currently simply working on warriors.

The pic was taken from Madmark
I was passing through Chicago a few weeks ago and I saw this model in the display case of the GW battlebunker. I can't find it on the Forgeworld site and it has some features that seem distinctly non-craftworld, such as lots of flat surfaces and if I'm not mistaken new style dark lances. It's totally possible this thing has been around and since I don't play eldar I never noticed it but I thought I'd put it out there. I should also note that there were some other really nice scratchbuilt items in the cases so this may also be a very intrepid homebrew model.

If you know of where to find a link or site with a couple more pics, it would be appreciated.


  1. If that was the actual model I'd be happy, but I have a feeling that that is a homebrew model based on the overall simplicity of the lines.

  2. Too bad it is scratch build... :P

  3. I took that picture a few weeks ago, I have one more that allows you to see the scale a little more too. Can I email?

  4. Nevermind, just found your email link.

  5. Thanks Madmark, I got the pic.

  6. LOL I can put you in touch with the person that made it, if you'd like. He's a friend of mine.


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