Its not very often that the a possible rumor gets sent straight to me. Most of the time its a link or a "Have you seen this yet?" A day or so ago however I was sent an email that may or may not be a news. Since I have not seen anything else on it, and cannot find the Inquisition Read Chimera Doors on the Forgeworld site, I figured I might as well post it.

While this may be news, or old news, I held onto the information for a couple days to see if I could turn anything up. Nothing showed up, so here it is. Regardless if it is new or not, it is probably new to some people. So there you have it.
Not much salt required, since the return email came from Forgeworld.

The email via a Reader that wanted to stay anonymous
Hey mate,
News? I didn't think the Chimera had changed at all and I'm not sure why the door would have needed re-working as I've seen quite a few tanks with them fitted up.
If it is news, can you keep me anonymous.
Thanks and keep up the good work with the blog.

Forgeworlds email back to our reader.
From: 'Forge World (UK)'

Sent: Tue Apr 19 17:03
Subject: Fwd: RE: Inquisition Chimera Ramp

Thanks for your e-mail. The Inquisition Chimera Door is currently being reworked to fit the new plastic Chimera kit, and should return to sale later this year.

Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager
Forge World


  1. I noticed this a while back just after they reworked the Chimera as I was interested in getting one for my Witchhunters. I assumed they were going to re work the mold so that it would work with the new model.

    Good to hear that they actually are. Maybe they're waiting for GW to do a release for some power armored ladies?

  2. didnt the chimera get re-done 6 months back? mabye FW is just lazy??!

  3. Yes, the chimera was redone, its the Inquisition rear door they are re-working to match the current door.

    I just read that someone thought they were re-doing the chimera.


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