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Grey Knights in 9th Edition

Most excellent that another personal army is now up for the 9th Edition Faction Focus. This is an army I would like to take back to the tables at some point.

Faction Focus Grey Knights
via the Warhammer Community

The ability to participate in every phase of the game means you pay a premium in points for your Grey Knights, so it’s essential to make use of every unit diligently. Misplacing a squad or vehicle means you’ve wasted a much larger portion of your force than those of your opponents. Keep in mind that almost every unit you field should be casting a power, shooting, and fighting, so position them accordingly. In that same vein, pick your targets wisely. Sending your Grand Master into a swarm of cultists certainly looks cool, but won’t get the job done – not when your Strike Squad can mow them down in a hail of storm bolter fire instead.

Strong Grey Knights lists will rely on solid positioning and overlapping buffs from Litanies of Purity and psychic powers. Your Characters are each terrifyingly efficient in combat and will help you hold any spot on the board you’ve claimed. However, it’s important to coordinate the abilities of your units appropriately to make sure you get the most out of them and to avoid giving easy kills to your opponent. With half of your powerful psychic powers being exclusive to Characters, it’s even more important to have the right number to support your strategy. With the right buffs at the right time, you can turn a strong unit like Terminators or Paladins into an immovable force.


Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight

Grand Master Voldus

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  1. wait wait wait, let me preempt everything here. "Grey Knights in 9th edition"... are still going to suck!

    1. They were super strong - including tournament results - late in 8th edition/pre-COVID.

  2. All of the above (minus the new Big guns rule) are from Psychic Awakening. Way to showcase the future of a faction - with it's present.

    1. This is about how the faction plays, and Psychic Awakening is (and always was) for 9th edition.

    2. i find that interesting because you quite clearly claimed that we'd not get 9th edition for another few years. what changed?

    3. He's full of shit. Thats what happened.