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40k Rumors: 18+ Wound Models and restrictions on damage per phase

18+ Wound Models with only so many wounds able to be removed in a single phase seems like an interesting rumor for 9th edition. I can see it very easily spinning out of control being too tough to kill, or just too easy. If so full on Imperial Knight armies might be all the rage!

Please remember that these are rumors. (I have not had the chance to listen to the entire podcast this comes from)

via Juggernut on B&C

I was listening to the Long War podcast, and they claimed to have heard some rumors from playtesters about 18+ wound models in that only a fraction of their max wounds could be removed in a given phase.

Therefore, superheavies wouldn’t be vulnerable to getting blown off the table in an alpha strike before their controlling player even had a chance to use them.

They mentioned Ghazgkhull having a similar rule currently, which I’m unfamiliar with.

That was the first I’d heard of this rumor. I think, given how vulnerable big things are in terms of targeting, it could make sense. However, with an army of superheavies (I.e. knights), I wonder if such a rule would be a bit ridiculous. I can certainly see some valid pros and cons to this rumored rule.

Reliability of the rumor is low, but who knows?

link to the Podcast

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  1. I own a Knight and I hope this is not true, nevertheless. It's a really cool rule and I'd be happy Knights get alpha strike protection in a competitive meta..but in casual games, a superheavy can already be problematic, if you make it this tough but still allow it to be played in below 1000 points games, I'd say it's a bit much.

    1. Many of the rules are designed for 2000 point games, and that's where the balancing efforts would be for this type of rule. There are different rules in the rulebook for games played at 1000 points.

    2. i'm looking at 9th edition rulebook now... ok i'm not...but care to share your information with us and how you know it's factual? i don't dispute it, but it'd be great with another source making the same claim.

    3. ūüėā Ive read some of your B.S. before, but this is something real special!

    4. He's a gw playtester, golden daemon winner, mtg national championship, has multiple 40k tournament wins, earns 6 figures and is friends with everyone at the design studio ūüėā

  2. I can see this working out, once you have done x damage to 1 knight you would move onto the next and it is possible to damage them in 3 phases of the game for most army's. The key thing will be how much damage you can do each phase, to much or to little and it won't work. another thing is in relation to how much damage can be repaired. It would also offset the issue regarding not being able to hide on the table anymore.

  3. This kinda feels like a "am i looking at a grenade or a flash bang", the question is how is it gonna blow up? I could see this maybe working as something that only works on turn one so you get at least one shot off with the big one but if this is a general rule kinda thing there is an easy chance of this going in a "don't matter for this model" or "uh i can't kill this thing at all" kinda thing.