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here are a few picture for an ongoing project of mine: building a battle board.
I looked at many different Youtubers, mixed it with my own ideas, and adapted what I saw to my own needs.

I started with drawing on 1 foot by 1 foot boards, making sure features like hills and rivers would connect at the half-feet point.

 I then cut the rivers out and glued the boards onto a second layer of wood, to give depth to the rivers.

I stacked all the boards under some weights to make sure both layers stick well.

Because I used a lightweight jigsaw, all panels are not perfectly square. I am lucky I have a table saw at work that I can use, so I trimmed all boards to 30cm (a bit shorter than 1 foot).

I used foam to form hills and other natural structures, at least roughly.

 After that, I used filler to create some initial texture and added rocks in various sizes and sand to make more texture and smooth things around, especially near the river.

I learned from great Youtubers (Lukes Aps and The Terrain Tutor in particular).

My next steps are to finish at least four panels this way, then paint them, and add grass (saw dust painted in various shades of green).

Will do my best to send additional pictures before the end of the millenium :)

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