There are lots of great armies available for the NOCF 2018 Summer Raffles, but I wanted to start focusing in on a few to really show off just how much effort the people put in that made these miniatures such an amazing deal for charity.

The World Eater army is big and its only $2 tickets to get in on this raffle. Personally I can't imagine just how amazing it would be to win this army. Here is the contents and information for this raffle.

Bloody Feast: World Eaters
From  the  beginning  of  the  Horus  Heresy,  the  World  Eaters  have  fought  in  the  vanguard  of  every  battle,  fighting  in  the  bloodiest  assaults,  preferring  to  tear  their  enemies  apart  in  melee  rather  than  rely  on  long-range  firepower.  Angron’s  warriors  cut  a  bloody  swathe  across  the  galaxy  towards  Terra,  drinking  the  blood  of  their  victims  and  taking  their  skulls  to  honor  their  new  master,  the  Blood  God  Khorne.   
A  solid  mix  of  ranged  support  and  close  combat  ferocity,  this  army  is  a  great  starting  force  for  any  new  Horus  Heresy  player,  and  also  makes  a  great  addition  to  any  existing  World  Eaters  collection. 

1x  Centurion  in  Terminator  Armor  (Jeff  Jenkins) 
1x  Contemptor  Dreadnaught  (Damon  Drescher) 
10x  World  Eater  Terminators  (Jake  Landis) 
20x  Veteran  Marines  (Andrew  Gray  and  Celso  Mendez) 
5x  Support  Marines  (Nathan  Herron) 
5x  Heavy  Support  Marines  (David  Pauwels) 
2x  Deimos-pattern  Rhino  Transports  (Rich  Erickson) 
1x  Spartan  Assault  Vehicle  (Brian  Ballard) 
1x  Sicarian  Acastus  (Marc  Raley) 

What you need to know......
Get Tickets for the Bloody Feast World Eaters here

A lot more Raffles going on now, Including a Warhound Titan, Ultramarines Army, Iron Warriors, and much more

Here are some important things to note:
• These are RAFFLES, not auctions. It's "everyone with a ticket has a chance to win".
• Tickets can be purchased from ANYWHERE in the world via the website (
• You DO NOT have to be present at NOVA Open to win. We WILL ship anywhere in the world with a valid mailing address.
• Tickets are either $2 and $5 and may or may not be limited
• Our aim is to send 95c from every dollar spent on raffle tickets to the charities designated. The other 5c goes towards covering Paypal fees and shipping costs.
• Tickets will be on-sale July 1st and will finish at the end of the day on September 1st. Drawings will be done and announced on September 2nd. Winners will be contacted individually in the following days.

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