The Genesys Project: The Fey work a little differently than the other Life Domains in that they are really set up to specialize in the spheres of influence their faction has. Unlike the Humanoids which really do well if you set up a wide base of traits and spread out between the evolutionary branches, the fey prefer to specialize, and can get quite powerful when they do.

Each sphere of influence is an area that your faction has access to by choosing Lesser and Greater Traits within it (something like evolutionary branches). What is different though is that spheres are divided into the Paths of Light and Darkness, and then those that dwell in the Shadows of Twilight (do not belong to light nor darkness).

Here is a brief list of spheres.. and note that each Light and Darkness Sphere has an opposition sphere. For instance the Sphere of Justice opposes the Sphere of Corruption and Truth vs Deceit.

Path of Light -Celestial
Justice, Truth, Heroism, Healing, Courage, Protection, and the Exalted

Path of Darkness -Infernal
Corruption, Deceit, Madness, Pain, Fear, Destruction, and the Undead

Spheres within the Shadows of Twilight -Primal
The Primal Forces of Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and the Ethereal
The Primordial Forces of Chaos, Order, and Time

Fey Mandatory Traits:
The Path of Light
·         Lesser/Greater Spheres of Light: 3-5
·         Lesser Spheres of Twlight: 1-3
·         Spheres of Darkness: 0
The Path of Darkness
·         Lesser/Greater Spheres of Darkness: 3-5
·         Lesser Spheres of Twlight: 1-3
·         Spheres of Darkness: 0
The Shadows of Twilight
·         Lesser or Greater Spheres of Twlight: 3-6
·         Lessor Spheres of Light or Darkness*: 1-2

* light or Darkness lesser traits may be taken

Within each sphere are Lesser and Greater Traits. These are limited on how many you can take by the Path you choose, with Greater Traits only being accessible to those factions that select that path (Light, Darkness, or Twilight). While lesser traits have abilities that resemble humanoid traits, there is much more that is different in the spheres of influence.

Each Spheres looks something like this.

Spheres of Influence
Pain (opposed to healing)
Lesser Traits
These traits most resemble humanoid traits, but with often new abilities. They have numerical bonuses for the most part

Greater Traits
These traits are often listed with an X instead of a numerical modifier. see below

Lists of powers that can be modificed by X

Imbued Powers
These are powers and abilities that are transferred to items possessed by the fey. See below

The Fey can (have the option to) gain a bonus modifier to any ability listed as X, including powers and their armory (with imbued powers). This means that many traits (mostly greater traits), have their abilities listed with an X. For every trait listed within the sphere of influence, all abilities, powers, and imbued powers can be modified by X. So the more traits you have in Pain (for example) the more you can boost the modifiers to.

For example, if this was the Fire Sphere and you were going to throw a fireball of sorts you would be able to modify the Power on the fly (in game) by X, where X equals the number of traits your model has within the sphere.

This also works with Greater Traits where you could have a unit with the ability Increase Strength X. Of course for to have the ability to do this, you must pay the point cost for every modifier. For example.... In the Sphere of Influence, Madness, you can create a crazed genius with very strong powers by taking Increase Willpower X. With additional traits in Madness, you can really excel and raise your models willpower to very high levels and throw amazingly strong powers.

Imbued Powers.... Just to touch on these, because these are your armory special abilities, and each one differs depending upon the spheres they are in. For example, Fear grants armor with a Reduce Morale X to enemies nearby.

So you can see that Fey really focus on their Spheres of Influence to gain their powers and abilities rather than in the Technology that the Humanoids rely upon.

I know this will create more questions than answers, but I wanted to get a preview out of just how the Spheres of Influence work in more of an outline format. It's important that the different Domains of Life are distinct where they need to be. Not just on how they play, but on how they are created.

and yes because this was the first thing the in-house play testers asked... the Fey are not limited to Maximum Age Modifiers like every other Domain. They exist outside of Reality and can break those bounds. 

Not quite sure what we are talking about? 
The Genesys Project is currently in Open Beta, and the Fey are the next release. You can find out more, or even get your free product key to jump in and read the rules for the beta at

Also the artwork above is by our contributing artist Jia Hao. It is our intention you may soon find these digital sculpts available as miniatures. So stay tuned. 

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