Psi Titans are coming, and if you ever considered what a Warlord Titan would be like with Psyker powers, this is it.

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below is a segment of the original article. To read the article in it's entirety, just follow the link.

"the Warlord-Sinister will always have one arm with a Sinistramanus Tenebrae.  This vile piece of work is a gun that throws out an Apocalyptic Mega Blast that has a very long range (10 feet) that is high strength and very powerful on the AP.  It's guaranteed to crack power armor every time and will often roll on the Destroyer Table.  It comes with additional rules that will make wounding easy even when it's highest strength is used.  No unit in the game will be safe around it, and even Primarchs and Titans will fear it."

"The anima grants the Warlord-Sinister the Psychic Pilot special rule and Mastery Level 3.  This means that the god-engine will be a formidable foe in any psychic exchange and will have powerful abilities to call upon.  The Warlord-Sinister is limited to three particular abilities, and they briefly are:

  • A nova power with a very wide radius that is great for dealing with infantry closing in against it.
  • An ability that grants the Warlord-Sinister repair properties.
  • A witchfire that targets points upon the battlefield and envelop it in an eldritch storm of fury that damages vehicles and living targets with ease."

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