Today we are starting to get some special rules for the new characters of the Eldar Triumvirate of Ynnead. These are looking interesting and I am looking forward to seeing the next one. Ive also attached links to the Warhammer Community videos from earlier for each of these characters.

These are from an extremely solid source

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212


Yvraine's Special Rules

Herald of Ynead: Any Aedari killed within 7", roll a 4+ to regain a wound and if that model is a psyker immediately generate another psychic power for her.

Gyrinx Familiar: Beginning of each Psychic Phase, generate d3 Warp Charge Points
Psyker Level 2

Kha-Vir The Sword of Shadows: S+1, Instant Death


The Visarch's Special Rules

Champion of Ynnead: Any Aeldari killed within 7" roll a 4+ to regain a wound. If the model is a character, add one to the Visarch's attacks characteristics. max 7
Warden of Yvraine: Auto pass Look out Sir and always passes Glorius Intervention for Yvraine
Way of the Visarch: always has a warlord trait from the Ynnari warlord traits.

Asu-Var The Sword of Silent Screams: S+2, Silence - enemy units use lowest leadership

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