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Just read the novel and wow ... a very brief, summary:

·         Wulfen return in a bow wave of daemonic incursions within the Fenrisian systems.

·         SWs track the incursions and dispatch all but one of the great companies to bring their lost brothers home. Grey Knights track them all too.

·         Hints at their return being pre-ordained before the 13th went missing and their return being a precursor to the "end times" and the return of Russ.

·         The pattern of incursions is in the shape of a sigil used by the sorcerers of Prospero meaning "Vengeance"

·         Dark Angel scouts are slaughtered during the first incursion and vid-caps of Wulfen retained, investigations and suspicions of heresy and mutation within the Wolves abound

·         Flames are fanned by the Changeling and eventually the bulk of the Dark Angels fleet including THE ROCK arrive supported by a dozen other chapters including the Ultramarines and Iron Hands.

·         Book ends with the bombardment of Fenris commencing

There is a fairly quick escalation to it within the story but not as instantaneous as I fear I made it look. The DA, spurred on by the Changeling, believe that the Fenrisian systems have fallen to a daemonic incursion brought about by the fall of the Wolves. The implication is that they and their allies are rocking up to purge everyone, not just the Wolves. 

The Wolves don't do themselves any favours by treating the Wulfen with the same secrecy as the Dark angels treat the Fallen. The hypocrisy is not lost on me. The Grey Knights, well Stern really, seem to be the arbiters of reason is this. 

Bjorn is mentioned a fair bit but in the end Ulrik simply says he can not be roused

Alpha Legion is indeed there but in a smaller role than I would have thought.

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