The Genestealer Patriarch has made the rounds, and we also have a full list of the contents. There appears to be 50 models in Deathwatch Overkill, which is quite a lot more than I had figured there would be. Really this looks like a nice set, and even if you do not count the board game or anything else it comes in at $165 for it all. Thats just over $3 per model. Value? I'll let each to his or her own on that.

Good place to see all the leaks and some close ups, which are all over the place now.

The Patriarch specifically, which looks like a just awesome model in my books.

Deathwatch; Overkill 100£  $165USD
8 doublesided board tiles
44 cards, ruler and 6 dice

thanks Damo for listing these out, awesome work. I did correct what I see as 6 third generation genecult hybrids: 4 autogun and 2 grenade launchers.
-Chaplain Cassius with Bolt Pistol and Crozius
-Ultramarine Sternguard Veteran with Bolter
-Space Wolf Blood Claw with Knife and Chainsword
-Iron Hands Sternguard Veteran with Combi Melta
-Imperial Fist Devestator with Frag Cannon
-Dark Angels Company Champion with Plasma Pistol an d Blade of Caliban
-Blood Angels Assault Sergeant with Chainsword and Hand Flamer
-Ravenguard Vanguard Veteran with Dual Lightning Claws
-Blood Raven Librarian with Force Sword and Bolt Pistol
-Salamander Terminator with Heavy Flamer and Power Fist with built in Melta Gun
-White Scar Sergeant with Bike, Power Sword and Cyber Eagle
-Teleport Beacon
-Omniscrier Servo Skull

-Magus with Staff and Autopistol
-Genestealer Primus with Claw, Bonesword and Needler Pistol
-2 Genestealer Familliars
-2 Purestrain Genestealers
-4 Abberants with Power Hammers/Picks
-12 1st/2nd Generation Hybrids with Autopistols/claws/knives
-6 3rd Generation with 4 Autoguns and 2 Grenade Launchers
-8 4th Generation Hybrids Autguns
-2 Hybrids with Mining Lasers

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