The rules for the upcoming Deathwatch Overkill models are coming to 40k, and they have been leaked! So check out the latest pics.

You can see the 40k rules here.... thanks Lady Atia and Ucheny

Original source location for the first set of pics

Anyone help Translate? !

Via Lady Atia for us. Huge thank you!

Salamanders Terminator
BA Assault Marine
RG Assault Marine

Kill Team (5 dudes)

WS Biker

There is also the formation which has all of them as one unit
All of them are faction Deathwatch and work like all other imperial factions for allies purposes.

for the formation:
Kill Team: Basically it just says that the Kill Team is a single unit and is treated as such (have to be deployed as one), can't split, even though some of the models are Indipendent Characters.

Aquila-Doktrin: Rolls to Wound of 1 can be rerolled and rolls of 1 for Armor Penetration can be rerolled.

Also want to note: BOTH Deathwatch and Genestealers are NEW factions, they are NOT part of the tyranids/space marine faction.

"Proper" army releases should come later afaik ...

Additional Translations via MajorNese 

The killteam counts as the usual imperial allies. Every member with bolter weaponry has special issue ammunition like the usual sternguard, frag&krak grenades as usual. Most include the chapter tactics of their chapter.

Ortan Cassius:
-independent character, zealot
-Crozius Arcanum (=power maul)
-Rosarius (4+ invul)
-bolt pi stol
-may not be included in an army with his older self, Chaplain Cassius

Jetek Suberei:
-SM bike with TL bolter
-power sword
-teleport beacon (limited to terminators)
-skilled rider, split fire, Hit&Run, born in the saddle

Garran Branatar:
-heavy flamer
-mastercrafted meltagun
-mastercrafted power fist
-Master of Fire (salamanders flamer rules)

Antor Delassio:
-flamer pistol
-furious charge
-heroic intervention

Edryc Setorax:
-two power claws
-RG chapter tactics (strike from shadows, winged deliverance)
-heroic intervention

Donatus: bolter and precision shots
Redblade: bolter, two CC weapons, counter charge
Grytt: deathwatch shrapnel cannon (flamer template at assault 2, S6, rending, or 24" assault 2, S7 AP3)
Sorrlock: combi melta, FnP 6+
Gydrael: plasma pistol, power sword, relentless

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